30 Days on Live Blended Foods

From 5/20/06 through 6/20/06 I am eating all live (not cooked) blended (using a blender) foods. Here I post my experiences with this lifestyle. Specific foods I include daily are fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, and super foods. My focus is also high water content with herbal teas, nut and seed drinks, and pure, distilled water. SHIFT ALERT 6/3/06: Read Today's Blog for more!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Last Day

Here it is the last day...

Over the past 30 days with (not 100%) live, blended foods I:

1) Have more of an appreciation for digestion.
2) Feel my digestion has improved.
3) Gained weight [I'm not sure what the scale says, but my mom who is visiting says "it looks like you've gained weight"].
4) Crave greens and blended foods.
5) Have steady levels of neutral-to-alkaline saliva & urine pH levels.
6) Have more regular eating times (breakfast at 7-8 a.m. and no more food after 7-8 p.m.)
7) Feel my moods are more mellow.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More praise for green smoothies

Yesterday I took a break from cafe dining. When I contemplated what I really liked at meal time it was a green smoothie!

Here is the recipe for one:
2 C fresh pumpkin seed milk
2C fresh orange juice (about 7 Valencia oranges juiced)
3 small avocados
3/4 bunch kale [I couldn't quite rationalize a whole bunch!)

Our children liked the lighter green smoothie recipe:
1C fresh almond milk
1C fresh orange juice
1 piece kale
1 sprinkling of green powder
1 frozen banana
1 handful frozen strawberries

For breakfast I ground up some golden flax seeds, added some goji berries and poured fresh pumpkin seed milk over the mix.

Monday, June 12, 2006


I'm sitting here quite still with everything and nothing of which to post.

The most intriquing aspect of my existence is Chris' one-week juice fast. On Saturday, his Master's group of students started this experience. I'm about to suggest it's great to be with them and "see" & "learn"& "watch" what is going on. Chris spent most of Sunday afternoon with us at home. He lounged on the couch, conversing and reading. We all went to the Cafe for 2 of his green juice meals, and swimming together too.

But, actually, it's not so great. The way it is for me is I'm really connected with Chris, and this is a time of transition for him. He's going through personal changes with this intense fast. Intense because it's the first he's ever fasted like this, it's the first I've experienced him fasting, and there's a thing here regarding the fact I've never fasted in this way either [aside for maybe 3 days of fresh fruit juice some time ago].

One way I can imagine this to be is like when I birthed our children. Chris had a part in the process, but it was me who brought them out into the world and experienced a greater transformation during the period following each birth [I don't think this an assumption]. He was there with me, got as involved in my experience as possible, but more or less went along with me patiently without a full sense what was going on.

Here is where I am: affected with no full sense of the experience. The difference too is Chris has group support and a professional panel of people to guide him through this process. And I have reached out to others as much as I can for my personal position of "the one who is not fasting."

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today was one of decadence.

We joined a friend for Brunch at the Tree of Life Cafe. The feature plate was raw pizza of 2 sorts. Even Calvin, Cosette, and Kurt came back for more. I chewed and chewed the garden greens, taking an hour to finish my meal. Again, grateful for the human blender, yet also appreciative of the ability to use the kitchen blender.

This afternoon I blended up a pumpkin seed milk, lettuce, banana smoothie. Later still, we went to the pool for a swim. Okay, so I bought more supplements along the way. I'm building up my supply again. Today's selection was aloe vera juice ["premier support for the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes and connective tissue"], a B vitamin liquid, and B-12 lozenges (these mainly because they're kid-friendly with a cherry flavor).

I'm on a B-12 adventure now. Last year I had an injection of B-12 and folic acid, both of which I was depleted. I'm sensing it's time to renew the 2. I've been interviewing friends about their B-12 rituals. Many receive injections regularly [one friend says she started with every other day injections, then weekly and now she takes the liquid supplement twice a day].

We got home at nearly 7 p.m., after a couple of hours by the pool. I was hungry. Tonight's gourmet feast included a small bowl of bee pollen [also high in B vitamins], ground cacao, spirulina, coconut oil, and carob powder. Wow, this was rich. I liked the smooth, hearty texture, and ate spoonfuls of it in between sips of my green smoothie: more pumpkin seed milk, lettuce, 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a banana, and a few shakes of green powder.

I am quite satisfied and I'm getting ready to take some enzymes and drink more water before going to bed.

Green Milk

One thing that has been consistent is my morning ritual of making seed and nutmilks. Today I made almond and pumpkin, while finishing up some sesame milk. I like to drink it straight in the morning. Later in the day is when I enjoy adding the greens.

I continue to combine Victoria Boutenko's wisdom on blending greens as well as Gabriel Cousen's low glycemic level living foods.

I've been feeling mellow this week. Chris has been living at Tree of Life since last Friday while he's completing his Master's Degree Intensive. I really like having "my own home" during this time while being focused on taking care of our children. It's extra special when we see Chris during our visits to Tree of Life.

Sometimes I feel like "cacao, coconut butter and spirulina" and at other moments it's a refreshing salad or a green smoothie. I enjoy sinking my teeth into a hearty flax cracker or the like too.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm still here...

Natural disaster has intercepted my online extension. Well, this is a bit of drama. The truth is our family experienced our first, second...and third desert rain (or monsoon to be present with the lingo around here). What a wild feeling to be soaking wet and chilly in the middle of the day. Then to stomp in mud puddles. Our power flickered on and off many times. The computer turned off, our internet was down, and then this site was under maintenance.

All of this has been very convenient for me. I've been assimilating a lot of "food for thought" as well as that what nourishes me. I've received inspiration again from Victoria Boutenko through her DVD Greens Can Save Your Life. Even Coco got into it. Last evening when she was slicing zuchinni, she directed "...got to cut off the enzymes [ends]!" Yes, even our children are taking it in.

Then before bed 2 nights ago, I had a strong pull to open up Boutenko's 12 Steps to Raw Foods. My life is a river of prayers. This answer came at a good time as my prior vegan pizza party and oatmeal escapades caught up with me. I wasn't feeling so hot.

Again I feel energized after reading through the book. I read it over a year ago for the first time and thought it was a great book. For some reason, it all seems new information to me again, though I understand it all much more. One experience Victoria shares is a period when she drank fresh sesame seed milk to satisfy a craving for calcium. It so happens, I am really drawn to sesame seed milk and have had 8 cups of it during the last day!

Today I had lunch at the Tree of Life cafe. The entree was a delicious raw "tortellini" and to it I added sprouts, cucumbers, and garden greens. I took the enzyme supplement about an hour prior to lunch and focused on chewing really well. This afternoon, I had more sesame seed milk. For dinner, I ground up cacao, mixed in coconut butter and spirulina for an appetizer, then made a green smoothie comprised of water & fresh squeezed orange juice [we bought a case of organic Valencia oranges today], a small handful of macadamia nuts, an avocado, 4 large leaves of collard greens, juice of half a lemon, a little sea salt, and a sprinkling of mesquite meal. I taste-tested 3 times to make sure it was just right.

I made a commitment last night to make my last meal at dinner time, 6-7 p.m. Often I'll have a snack just before going to bed. I felt more fresh this morning (even waking naturally at 5:30 a.m.) and didn't have my first food until 9 a.m. though I had lots of water until then. Tonight is the same approach.

Another piece of this puzzle is being in touch with the Rainbow Foods as Gabriel Cousens MD outlines in his books. Many foods I've blended in my smoothies have had high glycemic (sugar) levels [bananas, mangoes, pineapple for example]. I remember being more mellow last June-August 2005 when I consumed more foods with lower glycemic levels.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Green Revival

The common denominator with all my meals today, aside from an apricot solo, is: GREENS! So I may have maxed out with them mid-last week. They're making a comeback with me.

I like my greens in a creamy blend. Mixed with a frozen banana and nuts and seeds (best with fresh milks), the color is attractive, energizing, and mouth-watering. I've had 3 green smoothies today, sipping over a longer period of time. My belly thanks me for not filling up too quickly.

I like oatmeal. And after having 3 bowls in 4 days, I've taken several naps, have been more thirsty, and woke up with a runny nose (all nonexistent when oatmeal isn't a factor!).

This game is so exciting!

Monday, June 05, 2006


I'm making up with 2 posts today after missing one on Sunday while I've been digesting this trip...praise the pun!!

Dialogues on digestion and enzymes have connected me to new friends and in new ways to people I already know. I bought a bottle of "VitalzymX" this afternoon. General consensus is 1) live foods are more easily digested, 2) drinking smoothies help one's digestion, 3) having one's gall bladder out makes digestion of heavy living foods like nuts more difficult and enzyme supplements aid in the process, and 4) eating many small meals [focus on high percentage of living foods] in a day is easier on digestion than "3 main meals" of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My personal testimony also includes awareness of "digestion begins in the mouth." My beloved orange last week mixed so well with all the saliva present in my mouth. After consuming cooked oatmeal over 2 days, I notice less saliva and a drier mouth. WOW! The body is so cool.

So I'm calling in the troops: ENZYMES! My gut appreciates the support.

Incidently, I received news today that my last PAP smear test was NORMAL. Hooray!


I woke up this morning and right away started thinking about enzymes. I consider this a gift that my mind would ease into a weighty subject like this. But I got this idea that supplemental enzymes are the next item in my bag of tricks.

Last year I took a round of supplemental enzymes in a bottle. The supply lasted a couple of months. I got to a point when they were "hard to swallow" and I just had to let go of this tradition. I get the feeling these could be resourceful in aiding with digestion. And I'm "another year older and wiser" now with a better understanding how these things work.

Then, like Chris, I can eat "whatever I want" blended, baked, boiled, fried, fresh, sliced, diced, steamed, sauteed, and so on.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


For some readers, this may be the last visit to this blog "Blending For 30":

"The Breakthrough"

In preparation for our drive to Tuscon yesterday afternoon, I grabbed a CD to enjoy along the way. I assumed it would be music, but it happened to be Dr. Christiane Northrup on Whole Nutrition. This was no coincidence.

I listened attentively. I got the bit about "women, self-nourishment, and emotional eating." Last night when all was quiet, I spent an hour reading through her website. Really cool.

This blending for 30 is a diet. I've always thought of a diet as something someone does for a period of time and achieve certain results. I think of the yo-yo effect. The diet doesn't work permanently and more agonizing issues surface, often greater than prior to the diet. I've never considered myself a "dieter" as my weight has hovered around 105 pounds for most my full grown life (exception in 3 pregnancies and I gained about 25 pounds during each!).

This whole experiment is a diet. A diet can look like a box. One goes inside the box for the secrets to life. One forgets to go outside the box for greater understanding of oneself.

Last night I "went outside the box" happily with our children. They were eager to make pizza. We agreed on a vegan style. As it was, we were shopping for food in Tuscon at 5:30 p.m. and getting "grumbles in the tumbles" (translation: we were hungry).

How did we create a pizza in the parking lot? A picnic table magically appeared. We set out our contents. First, a slice of sprouted grain bread. Second, a spread of Seeds of Change traditional spaghetti sauce (Calvin's pick). Third, slices of gourmet vegan cheddar cheese (prepared with a pocket pen knife!). The only heat was from the 90-degree evening air and it actually softened the cheese. We marveled over our results and relished the time together.

Today I did enjoy a green smoothie starring banana, goji berries, cacao (and more...). And it was great with some creamy oatmeal with apples and raisins. I had plate of lettuce for dinner with a creamy avocado/orange juice/garlic sauce. We steamed broccoli and grated carrots and swirled in "vegenaise" dressing [one youngster claimed the carrots looked and tasted like cheese!]. I enjoyed a few organic corn chips and some bites of brown rice cakes. The sesame seed milk I made the other day was refreshing!

From the mouth of Chris: "I eat whatever I want." I often roll my eyes over this. Heck, why not eat whatever I want? I remember a motto from my days as a gymnast: "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfection."

Someone like me takes this motto and goes with it. Perfection is another box. When will I part with this one?

Breaking through the box. This is a recurring lesson for me.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Human Blender

I'm on to this human blending concept.

Last night I felt constipated in all senses of the word. The upper and lower parts of me felt clear, but the middle was stuck. The breakthrough: I'm imbalanced here. This is familiar territory in my life as I'm a "mover and shaker" and on-the-go in mind, body, spirit and emotions.

What happened from here was a midnight snack. I carefully cut up an avocado, sprinkled my beloved cacao bits on top [I hadn't eaten this raw chocolate in a month] and then topped with Goji berries. I ate this slow-ly and savored the blending of the flavors and textures in my mouth. I truly blended them well.

I link my feelings of imbalance to my mind's hold on "the shoulds" of life (got me again!) like straight mechanical blending. I felt a sense of relief when I allowed myself to let-go of this "have to" and really enjoy my food. I've consumed tremendous bulk by mechanically blending: most times 1/2-1 bunch of greens and 3-4 pieces of fruit in 3 or more cups of water. It was nice to have a smaller meal and really savor it. I also felt more in touch with my need to drink water.

I return to the breath. I'm aware of the tension I hold in my gut when I'm not fully breathing. Remembering to surrender to these simple truths is comforting, even if only for this brief moment.

The sky breathes too. Clouds are a bit dark and we're seeing signs of raindrops.

The Orange

I ate the orange.

We went to the playground yesterday afternoon. Calvin and Coco packed 3 oranges for the outing. I brought along 2 bottles of water, sipping some throughout the walk. Upon arrival Calvin asked me to help him peel the orange. It was juicy and smelled wonderful. I thought "what if I chewed the orange and then spit out the pulp?" and considered this a plan.

This was a plan though we had only 3 oranges and I reserved them for 3 children. I peeled the next orange for Coco and began to section it. And then...Coco declared the 2 of us would share an orange. Yes, exactly!! I got half. I bit into one section and chewed...and chewed and chewed and chewed. It took 100 bites to complete one section. My saliva was so abundant I didn't need to spit out any pulp.

I suppose this is "a human blender" now isn't it?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nutritional Yeast

My "mono meal" choice of green smoothies feels too strict. I'm breaking through something as I think about all these foods I want to EAT. I'm "eating" a bowl of green soup now. I like that it's less water than in the smoothie and has more texture. I blended up leftovers from last night's green smoothie with a small avocado and the juice of 1-1/2 lemons.

Then I added nutritonal yeast. I had memories of this being really tasty. We used to add it to pasta, popcorn, and potatoes. Today I sprinkled some on Calvin, Coco, and Kurt's lunch sweet potato. And I mixed some into my soup. The smell was wonderful. As I ate it I realized I wasn't too fond of it. It seemed strong and bitter. I finished the helping and refilled my bowl with the soup. This time I left out the nutritional yeast and really enjoyed the simple blending of the flavors.

I'm more inclined to drink water separate from the green smoothie when I have a hearty bowl of soup like this. It's essential here especially in the scorching sun. I'm seeing the temperature registers at 100 degrees right now.

We're off to the playground. And we'll find shade for certain.


I'm really craving the tasty chewing experience. We got in a shipment of really good olives. They smell good. I remember what it's like to bite into them. I salivate over the thought. Last night I blended 9 into a green smoothie. It was a nice taste with rainbow chard, avocado, cashew cream. This was much heavier than my fruity blends.

"Chewing Chewing all day long" (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory soundtrack). I dream of biting into something more solid than a thick liquid. June 21...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eye of the Tiger

Imagine that 1980s (or is it 1970s?) gem of a song Eye of the Tiger. This was my affirmation out in the world yesterday morning. It was Take Two of a field trip. This time to Tuscon. So much of life is Attitude. I changed my tune for this trip. Instead of being overcome by everything, I held focus. I had: The Eye of the Tiger!

We left home at 9:15 am en route to the natural food store Wild Oats. Calvin marveled how I drove "like Daddy" and this could only mean fast. I had complete control of each turn through the getting-hottter desert. Could it have been Harry's Carrot Milk? (He brought 3-16 oz jars by just prior to departure. He's the modern milk man!)

Arrival time 10:15 am. We were in and out...in one hour! There were grumbles as I bypassed all the goodies. Though I think some success in celebration over 3 berry smoothies and 2 bags of raisins (different sizes). I grinned over the bunches of glorious fresh greens I was missing from the day before: 3 Romaine lettuce, 3 butter leaf lettuce, 3 red leaf lettuce, 3 green leaf lettuce, 3 rainbow chard, 3 kale, one red chard, and one I can't remember. The fridge is, well, green. We were home by 12:30 pm after pit stops on the return.

I learned this morning a lot about lions and tigers through our ZooBooks issue on Big Cats. Apparently I have a roar too. (Perhaps it's my Leo lion sign?) I've had quite a voice from the belly over the past 2 days. I've lots of quality and quantity time with 3 lively children. And I can shout out when it gets to a bar-room brawl vibration.

What does this have to do with blending? I don't know, but as blending is a focus on conscious living, so is attention to my day-to-day mundane makings. I even had a chance to redeem myself over "spilled milk." In a covered container, I transported Liam and Willow's 9th birthday almond milk to the park...no spills!

Monday, May 29, 2006


Yesterday afternoon we unpacked more children's books and celebrated by reading many. One book Coco really liked was The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo (from Nana on the day of her Baptism in December 2001). In order, the gifts are: Strength, Beauty, Courage, Compassion, Hope, Joy, Talent, Imagination, Reverence, Wisdom, Love, and Faith. All were important messages for the moment, but Compassion really inspired me: "May you be gentle with yourself and others. May you forgive those who hurt you and yourself when you make mistakes."

I suppose I can take in a dose of Compassion. Yesterday I literally "cried over spilled milk." On the way to the park for a potluck breakfast, I indirectly spilled almond milk while toting it in a pitcher covered lightly with a plastic bag and in a box placed on top of the stroller. It sloshed out during the whole walk. (Yeah, I could have packed it better.)

I've grumbled over the strains of a sacred relationship with Chris. We've dished out ideals to one another over a week's time. We've reconciled these with a simple "be nice to one another." I know he's the right guy (and he attests the same in me) as he "pushes every button" in me.

This morning I ventured to the endless aisles of Wal-Mart...with 3 enthusiastic children. We checked out in the speedy aisle, but I couldn't believe how many extras were in our shopping cart. I was pleasant, moody, caught in the consumer trap, regained moments of clarity, and zipped out as fast as I could. That is without running over 3 sets of toes. That's not very zippy.

My green smoothies are great, some better than others. As a panacea from the roundtrip to Nogales this morning, I got a little more hearty with the blend. I used 2C of this morning's fresh almond milk and blended with 1T Nature's First Food, 1/2 a mango, 1/2 a pear, and one banana. It was thick and good! I think it's thick qualities sedated me a bit.

I'm glad to note my face feels smooth and "brighter" (though I've always felt I had smooth skin). The lines and bumps on my forehead have lessened. My trips to the toilet are more spontaneous. I don't feel the need to do an enema at the moment (as for the past 2 days). I'm in tune with my moodiness being in relationship to my monthly cycle. Whatever it is: COMPASSION!

Time to cut up some watermelon...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's Been One Week!

Tonight I'm celebrating one week of blending live foods. I've been sitting out in our yard with Chris watching our children make mudballs and mudball bull's eye targets at which they can through balls. I've just finished a quart (1L ) of banana, orange, bitter greens smoothie.

I've learned so much over this time. I feel more responsible to myself, family, community, and the world! I've adjusted my palate. While starting with soups, puddings, and smoothies of sorts, I've come to find magic in the green smoothie. It's great to have support from Victoria of Raw Family through her work. I've gone back and read pieces of her book (Green For Life) that I highlighted last winter.

I am so fascinated by greens. I'm excited to live where we do and to receive the abundance from the Tree of Life garden for our smoothies. Yesterday afternoon, I got into squat position and using my little pocket knife, I cut greens at the stem and filled a big paper grocery bag about 3/4 full to take home. Tonight our children couldn't palate the bitterness in their salad. I made their portions into a "gourmet" salad for Chris. Calvin felt inspired by my declaration they would "eat their greens today" and blended up a green smoothie for them: 1 mango, 2 bananas, 3C water, and a handful of the greens.

More on my personal testimonial:
Feel more awake
Eyes more clear
More constant energy
Elimination becoming more regular
Stools with more bulk
Feel more in tune to my surroundings
Feel more connected to people
Deeper appreciation for water


We've raised our children who are now ages 3, 5, and "6 and three quarters" on organic foods. Prior to these years, Chris and I consumed a "healthy standard American diet" (open to interpretation). Once it was time to feed Calvin other than mother's milk, then organic became a way of life for us. I had Ruth Yaron's Super Babyfood book and prepared fresh foods for them regularly.

In a nutshell, here's our children's food unfolding:
Mother's Milk
Fresh, Homemade Organic (including meat, fish, dairy, soy) with Organic convenience foods
Trying out the Living Foods Lifestyle
High percentage of Living Foods at home with regular occasions of fish & dairy and "anything organic or not when out"

We've reached a turning point again. I have noticed how fish, dairy, soy, wheat, and sugar [with meat experiences too] affected their minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits. I am helping them to note such. In social situations I am guiding them to make vegan selections. I feel this will support them best while they continue to enjoy a high percentage of living foods, ones they are learning to prepare on their own and ones Chris, I and others prepare for them.

It's amazing how my blending experiences for one week now have opened my awareness to "what exactly our children are eating." I feel blessed as a parent for opportunities to be in dialogue with our children about food choices and to help navigate them through all the options.

Friday, May 26, 2006


I've taken my share of supplements over the years, especially during the last year after my body experienced 3 pregnancies and nursed 3 babies. I knew I was deficient in many nutrients, vitamins & minerals. I also knew the foods I was eating prior to being more concious about foods I started eating were not optimal for my body. There was a time when I took loads of supplements. This is a job in itself: "Am I getting enough?" I've since lighten the supplement load and fret less about the getting enough. Life is a balance: breathing, laughing, loving, resting, playing, and eating whole foods are basics of life and "supplements" in themselves.

I enjoy herbal teas. They may be considered supplements and medicine. Herbal medicine is alive and well. I enjoy drinking flavored water. For me, tea is a nice way to stay hydrated. Sometimes I don't want "plain water" and tea hits the spot. [Incidently, I do like fresh lemon juice in water too.]

One supplement I take regularly is Natural Cellular Defense (NCD). It's the supplement. I've been fortunate to have a health opportunity in the form of "abnormal cervical cells" over 3 years time. This area of my body takes the most stress and reminds me of staying grounded, living lightly, and loving everyday.

It's been easy for me to "fear the worst" as "cancer" is so prevalent and so many people respond to it as an acute situation. It's not that I'm ignoring the situation (evident in that I'm blending my foods for 30 days and revealing more about myself to me) and I am humbled by this human condition. I feel right taking the NCD supplement as another ritual in my life. For more information about it, go to my personal website with the company Waiora which distributes the product.