30 Days on Live Blended Foods

From 5/20/06 through 6/20/06 I am eating all live (not cooked) blended (using a blender) foods. Here I post my experiences with this lifestyle. Specific foods I include daily are fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, and super foods. My focus is also high water content with herbal teas, nut and seed drinks, and pure, distilled water. SHIFT ALERT 6/3/06: Read Today's Blog for more!

Monday, May 29, 2006


Yesterday afternoon we unpacked more children's books and celebrated by reading many. One book Coco really liked was The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo (from Nana on the day of her Baptism in December 2001). In order, the gifts are: Strength, Beauty, Courage, Compassion, Hope, Joy, Talent, Imagination, Reverence, Wisdom, Love, and Faith. All were important messages for the moment, but Compassion really inspired me: "May you be gentle with yourself and others. May you forgive those who hurt you and yourself when you make mistakes."

I suppose I can take in a dose of Compassion. Yesterday I literally "cried over spilled milk." On the way to the park for a potluck breakfast, I indirectly spilled almond milk while toting it in a pitcher covered lightly with a plastic bag and in a box placed on top of the stroller. It sloshed out during the whole walk. (Yeah, I could have packed it better.)

I've grumbled over the strains of a sacred relationship with Chris. We've dished out ideals to one another over a week's time. We've reconciled these with a simple "be nice to one another." I know he's the right guy (and he attests the same in me) as he "pushes every button" in me.

This morning I ventured to the endless aisles of Wal-Mart...with 3 enthusiastic children. We checked out in the speedy aisle, but I couldn't believe how many extras were in our shopping cart. I was pleasant, moody, caught in the consumer trap, regained moments of clarity, and zipped out as fast as I could. That is without running over 3 sets of toes. That's not very zippy.

My green smoothies are great, some better than others. As a panacea from the roundtrip to Nogales this morning, I got a little more hearty with the blend. I used 2C of this morning's fresh almond milk and blended with 1T Nature's First Food, 1/2 a mango, 1/2 a pear, and one banana. It was thick and good! I think it's thick qualities sedated me a bit.

I'm glad to note my face feels smooth and "brighter" (though I've always felt I had smooth skin). The lines and bumps on my forehead have lessened. My trips to the toilet are more spontaneous. I don't feel the need to do an enema at the moment (as for the past 2 days). I'm in tune with my moodiness being in relationship to my monthly cycle. Whatever it is: COMPASSION!

Time to cut up some watermelon...


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