30 Days on Live Blended Foods

From 5/20/06 through 6/20/06 I am eating all live (not cooked) blended (using a blender) foods. Here I post my experiences with this lifestyle. Specific foods I include daily are fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, and super foods. My focus is also high water content with herbal teas, nut and seed drinks, and pure, distilled water. SHIFT ALERT 6/3/06: Read Today's Blog for more!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eye of the Tiger

Imagine that 1980s (or is it 1970s?) gem of a song Eye of the Tiger. This was my affirmation out in the world yesterday morning. It was Take Two of a field trip. This time to Tuscon. So much of life is Attitude. I changed my tune for this trip. Instead of being overcome by everything, I held focus. I had: The Eye of the Tiger!

We left home at 9:15 am en route to the natural food store Wild Oats. Calvin marveled how I drove "like Daddy" and this could only mean fast. I had complete control of each turn through the getting-hottter desert. Could it have been Harry's Carrot Milk? (He brought 3-16 oz jars by just prior to departure. He's the modern milk man!)

Arrival time 10:15 am. We were in and out...in one hour! There were grumbles as I bypassed all the goodies. Though I think some success in celebration over 3 berry smoothies and 2 bags of raisins (different sizes). I grinned over the bunches of glorious fresh greens I was missing from the day before: 3 Romaine lettuce, 3 butter leaf lettuce, 3 red leaf lettuce, 3 green leaf lettuce, 3 rainbow chard, 3 kale, one red chard, and one I can't remember. The fridge is, well, green. We were home by 12:30 pm after pit stops on the return.

I learned this morning a lot about lions and tigers through our ZooBooks issue on Big Cats. Apparently I have a roar too. (Perhaps it's my Leo lion sign?) I've had quite a voice from the belly over the past 2 days. I've lots of quality and quantity time with 3 lively children. And I can shout out when it gets to a bar-room brawl vibration.

What does this have to do with blending? I don't know, but as blending is a focus on conscious living, so is attention to my day-to-day mundane makings. I even had a chance to redeem myself over "spilled milk." In a covered container, I transported Liam and Willow's 9th birthday almond milk to the park...no spills!


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