30 Days on Live Blended Foods

From 5/20/06 through 6/20/06 I am eating all live (not cooked) blended (using a blender) foods. Here I post my experiences with this lifestyle. Specific foods I include daily are fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, and super foods. My focus is also high water content with herbal teas, nut and seed drinks, and pure, distilled water. SHIFT ALERT 6/3/06: Read Today's Blog for more!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's Been One Week!

Tonight I'm celebrating one week of blending live foods. I've been sitting out in our yard with Chris watching our children make mudballs and mudball bull's eye targets at which they can through balls. I've just finished a quart (1L ) of banana, orange, bitter greens smoothie.

I've learned so much over this time. I feel more responsible to myself, family, community, and the world! I've adjusted my palate. While starting with soups, puddings, and smoothies of sorts, I've come to find magic in the green smoothie. It's great to have support from Victoria of Raw Family through her work. I've gone back and read pieces of her book (Green For Life) that I highlighted last winter.

I am so fascinated by greens. I'm excited to live where we do and to receive the abundance from the Tree of Life garden for our smoothies. Yesterday afternoon, I got into squat position and using my little pocket knife, I cut greens at the stem and filled a big paper grocery bag about 3/4 full to take home. Tonight our children couldn't palate the bitterness in their salad. I made their portions into a "gourmet" salad for Chris. Calvin felt inspired by my declaration they would "eat their greens today" and blended up a green smoothie for them: 1 mango, 2 bananas, 3C water, and a handful of the greens.

More on my personal testimonial:
Feel more awake
Eyes more clear
More constant energy
Elimination becoming more regular
Stools with more bulk
Feel more in tune to my surroundings
Feel more connected to people
Deeper appreciation for water


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