30 Days on Live Blended Foods

From 5/20/06 through 6/20/06 I am eating all live (not cooked) blended (using a blender) foods. Here I post my experiences with this lifestyle. Specific foods I include daily are fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, and super foods. My focus is also high water content with herbal teas, nut and seed drinks, and pure, distilled water. SHIFT ALERT 6/3/06: Read Today's Blog for more!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I'm really craving the tasty chewing experience. We got in a shipment of really good olives. They smell good. I remember what it's like to bite into them. I salivate over the thought. Last night I blended 9 into a green smoothie. It was a nice taste with rainbow chard, avocado, cashew cream. This was much heavier than my fruity blends.

"Chewing Chewing all day long" (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory soundtrack). I dream of biting into something more solid than a thick liquid. June 21...


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