30 Days on Live Blended Foods

From 5/20/06 through 6/20/06 I am eating all live (not cooked) blended (using a blender) foods. Here I post my experiences with this lifestyle. Specific foods I include daily are fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, and super foods. My focus is also high water content with herbal teas, nut and seed drinks, and pure, distilled water. SHIFT ALERT 6/3/06: Read Today's Blog for more!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nutritional Yeast

My "mono meal" choice of green smoothies feels too strict. I'm breaking through something as I think about all these foods I want to EAT. I'm "eating" a bowl of green soup now. I like that it's less water than in the smoothie and has more texture. I blended up leftovers from last night's green smoothie with a small avocado and the juice of 1-1/2 lemons.

Then I added nutritonal yeast. I had memories of this being really tasty. We used to add it to pasta, popcorn, and potatoes. Today I sprinkled some on Calvin, Coco, and Kurt's lunch sweet potato. And I mixed some into my soup. The smell was wonderful. As I ate it I realized I wasn't too fond of it. It seemed strong and bitter. I finished the helping and refilled my bowl with the soup. This time I left out the nutritional yeast and really enjoyed the simple blending of the flavors.

I'm more inclined to drink water separate from the green smoothie when I have a hearty bowl of soup like this. It's essential here especially in the scorching sun. I'm seeing the temperature registers at 100 degrees right now.

We're off to the playground. And we'll find shade for certain.


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